4 tricks to find bargains on Amazon and save money

More and more people are buying through Amazon. Good prices, speed in shipments, good returns service and the possibility of reading real opinions of thousands of products have made it "the web to buy everything" par excellence. They say that they are even studying the possibility of distributing their products with drones and that they will soon be able to make ultra-fast shipments to take you, for example, a hot coffee. But that's another story, let's focus on the topic that concerns us, which is: buy good, beautiful, and above all ... CHEAP.

During the past "Black Friday" we spent all day posting offers of cycling equipment that we found on Amazon in real time through our Facebook and Twitter. That day we learned a lot about how Amazon works and we thought that this information can be very useful to find bargains on this website. With a little patience we can get pretty attractive bargains and, if we usually buy through Amazon, these discounts can mean a lot of money at the end of the year, money that we can spend on our cycle trips. Do you want to know how? Well, let's start with the tricks!

4 tricks to find discounts on Amazon

1. The "Offers" section

This is the most obvious trick. Surely you'll know. When we enter Amazon, we will go to the "OFFERS" section and go down a bit until we see the categories on the left. For our case, as we are looking for equipment related to bicycle tourism, we will mark the category "Sports and Outdoors". On the right we will see the offers available at that time, the time remaining for the end of the offer (if it is a limited time offer) and the discount percentage applied.

If we also order the products according to "Discount: descending order", we will see the most reduced first. This trick is quite engaging, you are warned.

2. The trick of the secret code

This trick is much less known. Well, imagine that in the offers section there is not the product you are looking for, for example: a tent. What we will do is put in the superior search engine: "tent" (or whatever we are looking for). Thousands of results will appear but what interests us are those that are reduced, right?

What we have to do is copy the code: & pct-off = 10-99 at the end of the very long address that appears above. This will only show the items with a discount between 10% and 99%.

As you can see, now a message appears indicating that we have filtered results with a discount applied. We can change the numbers depending on the discount we are looking for, for example:

& pct-off = 20-99 -> For discounts from 20%
& pct-off = 30-99 -> For discounts from 30%
& pct-off = 40-99 -> For discounts from 40%

3. The "wish lists" to track prices

The prices at Amazon fluctuate a lot. For example, the saddlebags that I have, some Vaude Aqua Back I bought them on Amazon for $ 64, at the time I write this post are at $ 100. That's $ 37 more expensive! Or what is the same an increase of 60% The same saddlebag!

To be aware of the price decreases of the products we want to buy we have to create a "wish list". Next to the basket, on your left, click on "Wish List" and select "Create a wish list". You will have to put a name and that's it, it's already created. Now you can go find the products that interest you. Once inside the product, on the right you will see the option "Add to the Wish List". Add all the products you are interested in to track the price.

Now go back to your Wish List, click on "filter and order" and select "Products with discount". If the price of some products has been lowered, they will appear next to a message indicating the percentage discounted since you added the product to the Wish List. Obviously if you just added them, none will appear.

Check your wish list regularly until you lower the price of the product you are following.

4. Amazon Prime

Finally, this more than a trick is a recommendation. If you make many orders for Amazon in a single year (from 5-10 orders is already profitable) you probably want to sign up for an Amazon Prime account, now it goes for $ 20 a year so value it. The first month is free but beware! because you have to unsubscribe before the month ends if you will not be charged the € 20 automatically. One option a little bit is to open a different account every month with different emails.

General tips to buy on Amazon

Finally I give you a series of final tips based on my experience, which more than to get bargains is for you to apply them in a general way:

-Look at the opinions of users but distrust the "TOP commentators", especially when they give 5 stars, write very long opinions and also add photographs. These "TOP" commentators are often paid by brands to sell their products better. Trust more than normal opinions.

-Compare prices of the same product in other stores. Try for example to do a Google search for the same product to know if the Amazon price is good. Keep in mind that sometimes the shipment is not included and can vary quite the final price.

-If you have the "Amazon shopping" app installed on your mobile you can use the scanning option to check the Amazon price or the opinions of that product.

-If you have any problem with the product do not hesitate to return it. The returns are free and are usually quite efficient.

-If you do not usually stay at home I recommend that you put a "post office" pickup point in the shipping address or even send it to your work. This way you will not have to approach the central of the corresponding shipping company.

That is all. As you can see there are quite a few options to get good deals on Amazon. My recommendation is that you apply them all. Believe me, in the long term you will save a lot of money. I recommend that you save this page in favorites and open it every time you go to buy something on Amazon as a "Amazon Shopping Guide".

How to find cheap flights

One of the things that throws back when it comes to organizing a trip is the price of flights. Traveling by plane to the other side of the world can be very expensive, especially in high season and in destinations as popular as New York.

However, there are certain tricks you can take into account so that this cost is reduced considerably. Do not worry! Then we explain when it is better to buy flights and other tips to follow.

Tips for finding cheap flights

Getting cheap flights is possible if you consider certain aspects before making the purchase of the plane ticket. We all have that friend who is always traveling and who also boasts of hardly spending money on their trips.

Surely that friend is planning his trips with the following tips in mind:

The travel blog Mr. Worldview says that, if you have in mind to make one of those trips to normally expensive destinations, it is convenient to be aware of the prices up to four months before the trip and make the payment about two months in advance.

Airlines adjust their prices depending on the demand that seats are on the plane. It is therefore normal that at the beginning the prices rise and fall until they adjust according to that demand (or not demand).

In reference to this adjustment of prices by the airlines we recommend you navigate incognito when you are consulted flights. If the airline detects that there are several people consulting flights to the same destination on the same date, it is normal that the price goes up.

If you browse incognito, the airline will not be able to detect that you are checking that flight. In these normally more expensive trips to farther destinations, it is very important to compare prices between different airlines.

Take it easy, take notebook and pen and write down all the prices of different airlines you find. Do not assume that the price of the flight in front of you is the cheapest of all (as cheap as you think), since you may find it even cheaper if you lose a little more time comparing.

It also loses time in checking secondary airports. For example, if you have in mind to fly to London on a specific date but the prices of flights to major airports have skyrocketed, do not give up.

You can take a look at secondary airports such as Southend or Luton airport, from which you can take a train to reach central London. As airports are less traveled, prices tend to become cheaper.

Another point to keep in mind is when, few people know that there are better days to make the purchase of the flight. For example, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the prices of flights tend to go down.

At the same time, there are dates when it is cheaper to travel. Obviously, only those with a wider availability will be able to take this point into account. Traveling mid-week or on a Saturday can save you a lot of money.

Stay tuned for offers. For example, the low cost airline Ryanair, usually takes offers during specific periods of time in which you can get to find real bargains. You can subscribe to the Ryanair newsletter to receive notices of your sales.

And finally, keep in mind to use applications to find cheap flights like Skyscanner or Kayak. This type of apps can do all the work for you and find the cheapest deals of the moment.

How to get discount coupons in Miami

I always look for how to save on my trips: with the air, the hotel, the tickets to shows, Groupon, attractions and more.

In the United States there are many discount coupons to take advantage of and add to the many offers that are in their stores, and Miami is one of the cities with more offers.

Finding discounts is a science and an arduous job. The first thing I did was mark all the stores that interest me on my Map (here you can see how to make a map like that). They will see that in my case I will do a lot of baby shopping, since we are expecting our first child 🙂 I also searched the list of stores on the websites of the malls I want to visit.

First you have to take into account the date of the trip. I'm not going to travel on any special offers date, but it sure helps you keep them in mind:

18 - Martin Luther King Day

9 - Mardi Grass
14 - Valentine's Day
15 - President's Day

17 - Saint Patrick
27 - Easter

8 - Mother's Day
30 - Memory Day

14 - Flag Day
19 - Father's Day

4 - Independence Day

5 - Worker's Day

10 - Columbus Day
31 - Halloween

11 - Veteran's Day
24 - Thanksgiving
25 - Blackfriday
28 - Cyber ​​Moday

The coupons are usually at the last minute, so when March, the month of my trip, started, I started to enter each website and do the homework. Keep in mind that there are offers for days, weeks, fortnights, etc., so I recommend checking often.

How do I get coupons ?:

  • I register in the sites of malls and brands that interest me to receive future offers. Then check in the Inbox, Spam and Promotions. Some require confirmation.
  • I'm looking for valid coupons during my trip
  • I recommend friends to have more discounts
  • Download mobile coupon apps, such as these:

I register on discount coupons websites:

Almost every day I keep checking the sites to see if more offers appear. And it will be a great help to have Internet with HolaSim while you shop to see if there was a last minute coupon 😉 In many places the coupons can be shown from the cell phone. Also keep in mind that there are exclusive coupons to buy online.

Most of the coupons that I have received by mail, so they are personalized and I can not share them: p

As I mentioned, there are many offers on the websites of the malls. Some are coupons, so they require the code, and others are offers that are going to be when they go to stores.

Sawgrass Mills is the largest outlet mall, with many shops for all tastes, which can be found on its website.

If you go to the Coupons section, you will find all the valid ones. I recommend you to enter often because they are changing. In addition, once in the shopping can go to information to the client and consult for discounts for tourists. You can buy the discount coupon book.

Dolphin Mall is an outlet mall a little smaller than Sawgrass but equally huge and very convenient, as it is close to the airport, from where Shuttle leaves and there is luggage storage. So it's ideal even if they have a long scale in Miami.

I already told you about the Lounge with benefits for Visa customers.

On the mall website, you will also find the Coupons section. In addition, once in the shopping can go to information to the client and consult for discounts for tourists.