The 10 cities in the USA where most money is saved thanks to discount coupons

Believe it or not, there are thousands of people who record positive balances in their bank accounts every year thanks to smart purchases, supported by those discount coupons that come in different magazines or that are given to you in different stores or supermarkets.

Focusing on the subject, the site conducted a meticulous study to know how effective these coupons are, which are usually given away on holidays, and what weight they have in the home economy.

To carry out the investigation, the employees of the site took into account, first, the number of customers who printed coupons last year, data obtained from Business Insider. One of the data thrown by this study is that it is in the south of the United States where people take more of this resource, as well as cities where people could save more thanks to the coupons.

As a fact, the city that recorded the greatest savings thanks to the discount coupons, averaged $ 256 dollars that people saved by spending these tickets.

Here you have the list of the 10 cities where people saved more money thanks to the discount coupons.

The 10 US cities where you save more thanks to discount coupons

1. Nashville, Tennessee

Total savings of the city: $ 7.2 million dollars

Savings per capita: $ 267.94 dollars

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Total savings of the city: $30 millones de dólares

Savings per capita: $256.10 dólares

3. Houston, Texas

Total city savings: $ 18.2 million dollars

Savings per capita: $ 242.55 dollars

4. Phoenix, Arizona

Total city savings: $ 13.5 million

Savings per capita: $ 224.95 dollars

5. Raleigh, North Carolina

Total city savings: $ 8.9 million dollars

Savings per capita: $ 224.79 dollars

6. Charlotte, North Carolina

Total city savings: $ 9 million dollars

Savings per capita: $ 213.62 dollars

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Total city savings: $ 18.7 million

Savings per capita: $ 223.45 dollars

8. Tampa, Florida

Total city savings: $ 13.9 million

Savings per capita: $ 219.38 dollars

9. Indianapolis, Indiana

Total city savings: $ 5.5 million dollars

Savings per capita: $ 218.58 dollars

10. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Total savings of the city: $ 6 million dollars

Savings per capita: $ 217.38 dollars

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